Auckland: Merv Smith Hobbies

Address:27 Davis Crescent
Auckland 1023
New Zealand
Telephone/Fax:T.+64 9522 7450
F. +64 9522 7460
e-mail:link via website
Date visited:April 2016Items purchased:Simply browsing!

Auckland holds a special place in my life in that it is just one hour north (by car) from a town in which I used to live. Having never visited a model railway shop in New Zealand before, I thought it was high time I did so. A recent stay in Auckland provided the perfect excuse.

I always wondered if you could find British outline stock in the Antipodes, and boy was I not disappointed on this occasion. See if you can pick out the display cabinet in the pictures above with the sea of Hornby red. Of more interest to us here on, see if you can find the Graham Farish stock in one of the pictures … yes, it is there!

Merv Smith Hobbies is tucked away in the basement of a building in Newmarket, a suburb just to the immediate south of Auckland city centre. Getting a visit in here was a “tick in the box” and something I should have perhaps done over ten years ago, when I was fortunate enough to spend a year in the beautiful country known in Maori as Aotearoa.

The visit consisted of a browse (notice the G scale stock in the pictures) and a brief chat with the friendly sales assistant. The Graham Farish stock was limited and most items were HO gauge. Still worth a look if you happen to be at “the bottom of the world”.

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