Bogie L-Clips – by Mr Sprue at SNG Plastics

Editor’s Note: With British Production of Graham Farish coming to an end in 2000 and Bachmann’s redesign of chassis for the Chinese produced models, certain spares for the older models are becoming harder to find. BR Lines do a fantastic job in trying to plug the gaps when they arise, by having parts remade. However, this can take time, and not all parts become available again. Cue “Mr Sprue” from SNG Plastics, who is armed with more machinery and tooling than a Jaguar car plant! You might recall a short article hosted on this site detailing the re-making of class 47 battery boxes, for which there was a shortage. If you don’t recall it, then you can read the article “We Need Class 47 Battery Boxes! Below is a short piece written by Mr Sprue with his second offering – bogie L-clips for large Farish (Poole) diesels.

Should you require any L-clips or class 47 battery boxes then get in touch with me via the contacts form and I shall pass on the request to Mr Sprue.

For someone who is into reverse engineering  and has a fetish for collecting early N gauge Poole models,  reproducing  rare Farish parts goes together with this hand in hand.

So, how did the concept come about  to reproduce  the ‘L’ clip? Basically because I needed some for my own locos. As most of us know, they are not produced by the factory anymore and trying to source ones that would fit without any modifications drew a blank.  I did, however, try making them out of angled plastic made by Plasticard – which were ok – but very fiddly to make and the holes didn’t exactly line up.

It was very clear that if I am having this problem then many others must be also!  So, it was a “no brainer” that if I made the tooling to produce clips that I needed, it was pretty much a certainty that others would want these clips as well.

So what’s the alternative?  Well, forget sourcing and copying a couple of good clips using RTV, then  casting them in Polyurethane resin – when fully cured, this stuff  would be too brittle, crumble and break up.  The only material to use that’s resilient enough to most things it’s exposed to is “Polypropylene”, which requires thermo-injecting into a mould.

So, without further ado, here’s a few pictures of my process to manufacture bogie L-clips.

More stuff to follow ………keep checking and looking in the Shed!

All the best

Mr Sprue

SNG Plastics