Class 101 DMU

The Class 101, or DMU, was produced from 1982, firstly with a motor bogie for the motive unit, and then transitioning to a full motor chassis in 1985. The motor bogie was the same as used on the HST and is now considered inferior to the motor chassis. It only has two wheelsets for electrical pickup, leading to stalling on deadfrog points. The motor chassis, utilising a type III armature, had its own problems in that the intermediate gearing would often split. There was a shortage of spare gears until the latter half of 2015. Seven liveries were released, many with multiple running numbers.

Catalogue No.LiveryRunning No.Production DateNotes
8131Regional Railways51426 + 543581991
8133BR GreenW50304+W503291982
8133BR GreenM50313+M560551982Not pictured
8135BR Blue / GreyM30303+M503301982
8135BR Blue / Grey51437+542181982Not pictured
8136BR BlueM50303+M503301982
8137BR White / BlueE56063+E502021982
8143BR GreenM50313+M59124+M560551982Not pictured
8143BR GreenW50304+W59122+W562391982Not pictured
8145BR Blue / GreyM50303+M59130+M503301982Not pictured
8145BR Blue / Grey51437+59128+547511982Not pictured
8146BR BlueM50303+M59130+M503301982Not pictured
8147BR White / BlueE56063+E59070+E502021982Not pictured
8148NSE (later)51226+59570+514991991
814AStrathclyde51224+59090+532411992Limited Edition


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