Class 87

Released in 1998, the class 87 was the last of the three electric locomotives made by Graham Farish in Poole. The two models prior to this were the class 91 (1990) and class 90 (1995). The class 87 shares the same chassis as the class 90, with the design being a departure from the traditional type II armature with worm gears driving the bogey gear trains. These chassis sported a type IV armature with a fly-wheel on one end and two relatively long “drive coils” which meshed with the gear train to drive the wheels. This design offered smooth running from a standing start and good speed control.

The chassis were also of a “split chassis” design, something that would be further developed under Bachmann ownership. One common “weak point” for the class 87/90 was the chassis separator block, into which a screw would locate either side. These had a tendency to split. You can find replacements for these here.

Only three liveries were released of the class 87 and due to the production of these models towards the end of Graham Farish in Poole, they are fewer in number than most other releases. Of particular note is cat. no. 8835 “Stephenson” in BR Blue, this being probably the rarest of the three liveries.

Catalogue No.LiveryRunning No.Production DateNotes
8835BR Blue87 101 Stephenson1999
8837BR Intercity87 001 Royal Scot1998
883AVirgin87 009 City of Birmingham1999


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