Day 5: What’s in a Spares Box?

Day 5: Drawer 5: Bogie Frames


Not really a requirement to keep these as spares unless you plan on buying some old chassis without bogies on them. Keeping it brief, we have, from top left to right;

First row we have bogie frames for; class 20, class 25, DMU, HST, assortment for mostly broken 158/159 and class 87/90. Some of mysecond-hand class 158/159 and class 87/90 models came with broken side frames, which makes me wonder if they had a particular weak point. The coupling block / housing does stick out on them and so could be snapped off if mis-handled. I am not aware of the class 87/90 side frames being available anymore (Bob – do you have any?) but you can get the 158/159 frames through BR Lines.

Onto the middle row; class 47 frames next to a few for the class 33. In the middle of the middle row we have class 37 frames, and finally, on the right, class 56 frames.

On the bottom row we see class 40 frames, which are notorious for snapping at the end where they clip onto the bogie chassis. This means they can no longer stay in place. Along with the class 40 frames, bottom right, we see two Railcar side frames.

Many of these side frames came second-hand with other spares I was buying. There really isn’t a need to keep many as spares, unless, like I said, you plan on picking up a few “bogieless” chassis and adding the wheels back onto them. Even then you would need all the other components (wheels, gears, gear towers, pick ups etc.) to get a fully serviceable chassis.

If it hasn’t become obvious to you yet, then BR Lines would be your best bet for these, since they stock all of the side frames that are still available. It might be worth checking out Petersspares as they have some side frames at very good prices – that said the choices are limited.

Check back tomorrow for Drawer 6: Nuts & Bolts, Drive Springs & Couplings.

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