Guarantee Registration Card

With the advent of the familiar cardboard stock boxes with clear plastic window, Graham Farish included a guarantee card with their locomotives. This included A FEW DO’S AND DON’TS (such as oiling, but don’t overdo it!), and overleaf the particulars of the sale. I particularly like it when I buy a second-hand locomotive and the dealer’s particulars have been filled out – it adds posterity and history to the item.

Let’s look at some of the guarantee cards in more detail, as they did alter very slightly over time …Resize20160212_113001Above: This is an early guarantee card pre-March 1984. Note the piece of text at the bottom right “DO NOT use controllers using 1/2 wave or pulse power, unless it is specifically stated by the manufacturer that they are suitably designed for n gauge use.” This will have disappeared by the next card you see.Resize20160212_104229Above: After the introduction of the 5-pole motor in March 1984, Graham Farish used their old guarantee cards but stuck a sticker over the bottom right, masking the text about 1/2 wave and pulse controllers. The new text made buyers aware that they were in possession of a 5-pole motor and that the sticker on the outer box should also confirm this.Resize20160212_104416Above: Here we see the reverse of the guarantee card with what I like to call a nice touch. Notice that this example, for 803D (Special Edition Class 37 Mainline), has been completed by the retailer. Many cards, indeed most, were never completed by the retailer, which is a shame. This one was sold by Walton Model Shop of Stamford Street, Altrincham on 10 June 1997. It looks to have been signed by the shop owner too, a Mr (or Mrs) K Walton.

Some other interesting points of note on this side of the guarantee card are as follows;

  • Graham Farish talk of their locomotives highly, with them being “precision made locomotives” with every part being British built and hand finished at their factory in Poole, Dorset.
  • Each locomotive is tested before it leaves the factory (can we say that about the Chinese models), and it is customary for the model dealers to test it again prior to a purchase.
  • Interestingly, the warranty is only for six months. That would certainly fall foul of today’s Sale of Goods Act!

My two favourite quotes from the guarantee card are as follows;

  • Treat your locomotive with the respect it deserves and it will give you many years of good service (I couldn’t agree more)
  • Above all: resist the temptation to dismantle out of curiosity! (oh dear – they wouldn’t be happy with me then!)

There are some other points on the card about maintenance and running in of the locomotive.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the guarantee card – to me it is more than just that, it is a story which accompanies each locomotive they came with.



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