Hi N-Gauge fans!

Welcome to Thefarishshed.com – a new resource dedicated to Graham Farish n-gauge models. This site will focus exclusively on n-gauge rolling stock produced prior to the closure of the UK factory in 2000. It will develop over the course of 2016, with the aim being to harness existing resources, as well as to add new content, such as tutorials, reviews, hints & tips, and generally anything that might be of interest to the Graham Farish (Poole) community.

Thefarishshed.com is not here to compete with, nor replace, the excellent forums we have for our community. The forums have their place in enabling the community to interact and discuss issues regarding the hobby. This site will act as a central repository for both existing, and newly added, content.

The site will consist of the following elements;

“Farish” – This will provide a history of the Graham Farish company, along with a product list and previously released catalogues from 1978 to the year 2000.

“The Shed” – This will be the go to section of the site for tutorials on everything from changing split gears to servicing locomotives. It will have a How to … section, guiding you on things such as cleaning commutators, adjusting shaft lengths, and so on. Chassis reviews will detail, with graphics, the various Poole produced chassis, along with their pros and cons.

“The Turntable” – Whilst The Shed will focus exclusively on Graham Farish, the site wouldn’t be complete without a section allowing for other interesting articles, pictures and stories. The Turntable will cover projects, model shops in foreign lands – known as “Around the World in 80 Model Shops”, and anything else that you might wish to be added.

“Spares Box” – Spares for UK produced locomotives are increasingly becoming harder to come by and are in a finite supply. This section will detail what spares you might require for certain models, which ones can be repaired, and where you might be able to find them.

Finally, the site wouldn’t be complete without a section allowing you to add your own content. Submissions will be welcomed if they add value to the Graham Farish community.

Please bookmark this page and come back in early 2016 to enjoy a new journey into the past – welcome to Thefarishshed.com

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