Houston: G & G Model Shop

Address:2522 Times Blvd Houston TX 77005Website:www.gandgmodelshop.com
Telephone/Fax:T.+1 (713) 529 7752e-mail:sales@gandgmodelshop.com
Date visited:Summer 2015Items purchased:Flock

A ride out on the Houston MetroRail (otherwise known as a tram) took me to a rather quaint Hermann Park. The park was home to a small children’s railway making a loop (it was closed during my visit) and a most fascinating Japanese garden. A leisurely walk through the grounds of Rice University brought me to G & G Model Shop and it certainly wasn’t a disappointment. Whilst not stocking any British outline, the shop was well stocked with US N Gauge items, scenic accessories, tools, modelling materials and a lot of plastic kits. I spent a good hour in the shop (at least that’s what it felt like) chatting to the proprietors and just “milling around”. If you like military dioramas then you will find some impressive ones here – it was almost enough to make me give up the trains!

A well stocked, friendly shop. Worth a visit if you are in the area and if you live close by, well then I suspect you already know about it!

Note: Except for the business card, photos of G & G Model Shop have been copied with permission from their facebook page at facebook.com/gandgmodelshop, since the visit pre-dated the idea of this website.


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