Useful Websites

Below is a list of useful websites with a connection in some way to Poole Graham Farish. Please use the “contact us” form if you think of some others that should be added. – Online N Gauge Forum

The guy who set up NGF, aka “Tank” is a Network Southeast freak, but then knowing where he lives, and hailing from a few miles away myself, I can’t really blame him. He’s done a fantastic job in bringing the n gauge community together and really doesn’t need any introduction to those who have used the site for a while. The N Gauge Forum is the “go to place” for your n gauge questions and you’ll find a great deal of information about Poole Farish on there. Sign up today – it’s a must and you’ll soon feel part of the family. – Spares Stockist and Repair Service

The “home” of Graham Farish Poole spares. Bob Russell, who runs a repair business, used to work for Graham Farish and continued to be the official repair agent for a period of time following the Bachmann takeover. BRLines stock the most comprehensive inventory of original spares and in many instances, Bob has sourced replacements once these have run out. If you don’t find what you are looking for on the website, then drop him a line and he might well have it – not everything he stocks is listed on the site. His repair service also comes highly recommended. – Spares Stockist

A few spares are available from Peter’s Spares up in the North East. The range is limited but you might just find what you are looking for. The Poole and Bachmann spares seem to be listed together, so be sure to know what you want. – Accessories

BHE are well known in the N Gauge field and offer a mind boggling array of bits and bobs to jazz up your locos, from turned brass buffers to exhaust grilles. – Manufacturer

Bachmann bought Graham Farish in 2000 and continue to produce under the brand today, albeit in China. Certain components can still be sourced from Bachmann, such as gears and wheelsets, but might only be worth considering if you are going to make a bulk order, and I mean a bulk order. Contact details can be found on their website. – The N Gauge Society

Does it really need an introduction? It’s been around since Drake saw off the Spanish – joining details are available on their website and the site is also a useful resource to those new to the hobby. The society produces a bi-monthly magazine, which it sends out to members by post, and has it’s own shop which is renowned for it’s wagon kits.– Accessories

Run by Matt Richter, a former Graham Farish employee, you might find this a useful site to browse. Matt – we are still waiting for you to produce more gears! – Cataloguing Website

A brilliant website set up by one of the N Gauge Forum members and a serious collector of Poole N Gauge stock. The site used to have a comprehensive list of the Poole Farish production run. A revamp of the site brought current day Farish, Dapol, DJM and RevolutioN. The Poole Farish list is currently offline, but is scheduled to return. A very well presented site for British N Gauge enthusiasts of all makes.

How to replace split gears on a Farish class 20 – “How to” guide

Whilst the rest of the site covers other subjects, this page offers perhaps the most comprehensive “how to” guide in replacing split gears. Farish Chassis with Mashima LH19 Motor

To get to the page, click on the link above. Then on the left hand side menu, click on “Locomotives & Rolling Stock” (third option down), this will take you to an article. Half way down the article you will see a hyperlink to the remotoring page.

An interesting page outlining one modeller’s work on re-motoring farish chassis with Mashima motors. Requires some milling out of the chassis block but an interesting project for the brave. Richard’s site is mostly about his layout of the time, Littlewood, a favourite on the exhibition circuit. An interesting site.