No. 8036 – The mysterious Coal Sector Cl.47

P1040514 (2)In the picture to the left you can see boxes for No. 8036, Class 37 Diesel, Railfreight, Coal Sector. Look at the labels more closely and you see something rather curious. The “4” has been overwritten with a “3” on all but the bottom box. “So what?” you might be saying, “it’s just someone who got their boxes mixed up when flogging their locos on ebay and so quickly penned 37 over the 47”.

Well, that’s what I thought until I realised that Graham Farish (Poole) never released a Coal Sector Class 47 (hence the box shouldn’t exist). Also you can see that all the “3’s” are written in the same style (no, it wasn’t me), suggesting that this was done before distribution.



The Coal Sector Class 37 was released with two running numbers, firstly in 1990 with running number 37 699, and later in 1999 with running number 37 696. Both were labelled as 8036. We can see from the bottom box, which has the correct “37” printed on it, that some boxes were actually correctly labelled.

Get in contact if you have a Class 37 with the correctly labelled box – it might be the rarer of the two! Here’s the offending item for those of you who like looking at locomotives …

ResizeClass 37Coal(1)



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