UPDATE: How to … change DMU split gears

UPDATE: 25 Jan 2016; BR Lines have both the 16 tooth and 25 tooth gears in stock for the DMU / Railcar – see comment below from BR Lines.

For those who have read the article on changing DMU split gears, it should be noted that BR Lines now have back in stock the type III armature that is used on the DMU / Railcar. The stock number is GF8169, priced at £16,15 and you can find it toward the bottom of the page here http://brlines.co.uk/original-farish-spares/ I have yet to ask BR Lines if they stock the gears separately (they are a press-fit and have a smaller middle hole than the standard 16 tooth gears). If you think that the armature is still okay then it is worth either considering contacting BR Lines to see if they have the type III gears, or follow the How to … change DMU split gears guide.

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